Another day, another pigeon

Maddison was at Adams apartment preparing to cook dinner when they received another pigeon with another note. This one also came with a code. Sowehws Hipn - Aghfil Nxblq - Lj Tbmx Ac Qwdef - 8404← Vvzcj!

Along with the note were two vials. One containing salt, the other water. Turns out the code was a Vigenère cipher, and the key was naclh2o, which is the the elemental symbols for the chemical makeup of salt and water.

The message decoded to: Foutain Town - Stormy Venue - No Post No Bills - 8404← Hurry
We were kind of stuck on what Foutain Town meant but a few people suggested that it was a typo for Fountain.
Fountain Town = The city of fountains(Kansas City, MO)
Stormy Venue = The Hurricane, a venue in Kansas City
No Post No Bills = we're still speculating on this one. Hopefully it'll make sense once someone goes and checks it out.
8404← = follow the arrow and read the number backwards, 4048. The address of The Hurricane is 4048 Broadway
Hurry = another drop.

So now we need someone to go to Kansas City and retrieve this drop. If anyone can help, please, PLEASE!!, respond here, or on the forum, or in the IRC.

Dr. Seuss, Winery, Guitar Tabs, & The No Armed Man

So now we have a poem from Dr. Seuss, some guitar tabs (notice them at the bottom of the page), and a car driving away from a no armed man. There's still no explanation for the car and the no armed man. The writting on the envelope says:
For a bottle of wine
from your favorite
(or whatever else tickles your fancy)

So far this doesn't seem to apply to anything and I'm starting to wonder if this has any relevance to the ARG at all... But the guitar tabs turned out to be a code.

The explanation of the guitar tab codeCollapse )

My guess is this is some reference to Mr. Zipp calling Maddison his microphone. "Check one" is a mic test, so this drop was sort of like a Maddison test.

The Rue B drop

So on to the second note.

In an Apple, In a Ruby, Under you elbows, Near the wall, 11 (B) 12, Hurry

In an Apple = In The Big Apple, New York City
In a Ruby = A restaurant called Rue B
Under your elbows = under a picture of a guy with his elbows sticking out
Near the Wall = the little wall underneath the bar
11 (B) 12 = Rue B is located on Ave. B, between 11th and 12th street
Hurry = Seems to be Mr. Zipps version of "Come and get it" or "Tag you're it" meaning it's a drop

So I went to Rue B this past Sunday and retrieved the drop. If you were waiting for the movie to come out, well.. here it is:

What "two bags" meant

This past weekend was crazy and I apologize for the lack of updates. A lot has happened So I'm going to split it all up by topic.

Here's what's been going on:

Adams dog Whiskey ended up chewing the edge off of the note and Maddison found another note inside. So two bags meant that the note was "double bagged". This is a term that OpAphid character Tachyon has used to describe a message that is coded and then re-coded. Guess Mr. Zipp had a similar definition in mind.

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Quick update:

A user called TFW, who claimed to be a part of True Free Will, showed up in #Maddison on and gave some info.

Jester1		Is it actually TFW?
TFW		This is True Free Will
Jester1		Okay.
Jester1		I have some questions. Do you know how important Maddison is?
Jester1		Like, her role in all of this? Is it more then what we've been told?
TFW		She has the potential to give us some of the answers we've been looking for.

TFW		I myself am a member of HoO.

krmurr01	first comments on the TFW myspace were on April 7th
TFW		TFW has been in existance for over a decade.

krmurr01	did the resistance start a decade ago?
TFW		Longer
krmurr01	what started the resistance...was there a certain event?
Skunkwaffle	or does TFW predate the HoO
TFW		HoO is an old religion
Skunkwaffle	what can you tell us about it and about your interaction with it TFW
krmurr01	in general what can you tell us?
TFW		I have no connection to Maddison
Skunkwaffle	no I mean with HoO
TFW		HoO is the religion I was born into.
krmurr01	well you've been corresponding with maddison
TFW		Today has been my first correspondence with her.

He/she also dropped the name Dr Franzen, but a Google search turned up over 700,000 results. So if this is relevant, we're going to need more information.

I'm posting this information because I think it's relevant to the events surrounding Maddison. If anyone objects to having their IRC comments quoted here, let me know and I'll take them down.


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Hello, welcome to the Maddison Atkins Live Journal

I created this so we could all collect our info in one place without getting muddled up with the rest of the LG stuff on their forum. If this takes off, I'll create a forum of our own to use.

The Story Thus Far:

We've been introduced to Maddison Atkins, a girl living in East Texas, and her friend Adam. The story opes up with the two making a documentary style video about azalea's. The story takes a turn when, in the second video, Adam finds a pigeon with a note tied around its leg.

The note says: Login immediately. You will know the password

On the back was a morse code message which decoded to hex. The hex translated to "tag bows" which is an anagram for "two bags". Still not sure what this means.

In her 3rd vid, Maddison logs into the email account (which she did, in fact, know the password for) and finds this email.

Maddison's emailCollapse )

So that's where things stand right now. This community is open, anyone can post in it so feel free to share your thoughts. Hopefully this community can grow and we can all be involved.